To all of our lovely customers: We will be closing our inside area to conduct some much-needed renovations before the busy summer season is fully upon us. MALOBO has played a huge part in serving the community and become the default go-to venue for meeting friends and relaxing in Henley Square. We will continue to look after you with the same great quality coffee but a significantly reduced menu and hours so please bear with us. We will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, 10-11 Sep, but open from 7.30 AM to 3pm 7 days until we reopen fully by the end of the month. We are making some big changes not just to our interior but also to our menu, drinks and overall concept and level of service to make it even more fun and comfortable for our customers. We are super excited about the changes we are making, and we look forward to this summer being the best one yet!

Henley Beach

6.30 AM - Late Monday - Saturday

6.30 AM - 3 PM Sunday

 257 Seaview Rd, Henley Beach